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The Danger Right in Your Meridian, Idaho Yard

What summer means to most of us in Meridian Idaho is more family time to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine, vacations, and group activities.  But it also means more time working in the yard – and that can mean more exposure to the risks of working with power tools and equipment. […]

Pretty Boise Train Depot Panoramic

2014 Best Cities For Cheap Car Insurance

There are many factors that influence car insurance rates. A recent study by finds that buying car insurance in December is cheaper than buying it in any other month. Timing affects car insurance rates, but location is a strong determinant as well. Weather, crime rates and traffic congestion are just some of the factors […]

What Will Obamacare Look Like In Idaho?

Lawmakers have spent the last several years preparing for the impending implementation of Obamacare in Idaho.  And preparing means “doing everything possible to shut it down” when you are Idahoan.  There’s not enough time to describe the measures being taken to prevent it, but suffice to say they are many and exhaustive.  There were in-excess […]

More States Weigh Digital Car Insurance Cards

reprinted from the NY Time blog “Bucks”by Ann Carrns. I was stopped a while back by a police officer because the registration sticker on my car’s license plate had expired. After digging my dog-eared insurance card out of my wallet, I realized that it was out of date, too. My policy was current, but I […]

When Non-Driving Factors Affect Auto Insurance Premiums

reprinted from the NY Times “Bucks” blog dated 9/27/12 By ANN CARRNS Automobile insurers may use factors unrelated to driving, like education and occupation, in determining rates.Now, a consumer group is urging state insurance commissioners to restrict insurers’ ability to use those factors, arguing that the result has been unfairly high rates for lower-income drivers. […]

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