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The Danger Right in Your Meridian, Idaho Yard

What summer means to most of us in Meridian Idaho is more family time to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine, vacations, and group activities.  But it also means more time working in the yard – and that can mean more exposure to the risks of working with power tools and equipment.

Every year about 400,000 people are treated in emergency rooms around the country for injury by lawn and garden tools according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. (CPSC) It’s time for you to take stock of your safety procedures and avoid landing yourself or a family member in the hospital.  Here are some critical safety tips you can employ:

U.S. CPSC recommended Tool Safety Tips –

  • Wear appropriate clothing.  Debris will fly from lawn equipment so wear eye protection, long sleeved shirts, long (thick) pants, close-toed shoes, and no jewelry.  And whenever possible avoid loose-fitting clothing that can get caught in motors and spinning parts.   Often earplugs are a good choice for high-decibel devices like leaf blowers.
  • Remove objects that can cause damage or injury from your work area before starting, such as glass, stones, sticks, or other debris.
  • Children should remain indoor while machinery is being used, or must always be supervised if outside. Do not allow a child to use a riding mower, power tool, or other equipment with moving parts or blades.  Don’t assume a child will remain where you asked them to sit; always be looking ahead of you to be sure any children or animals remain clear of the work area.   Use extreme caution when backing up or approaching corners, shrubs, and trees.
  • And adult should always supervise a youth or teenager who has been taught to use power equipment.
  • Be extra careful when refueling equipment with gasoline.  Never fill tanks when machinery is turned on or an engine is still hot.  Do not smoke or use any kind of open flame around gasoline or any other gas powered equipment.
  • When using electric tools, make sure they are plugged into a (GFCI) Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet at your home.  Do not use electric devices in the rain or in wet or damp conditions.
  • Extension cords should be in excellent maintenance conditions and should not exhibit signs of wear or exposed wiring.  Be certain you are using “outdoor” cords that are rated for exterior use and have the proper gauge for the electrical tools you are using.

Here are some additional Chemical Safety Tips from Texas A&M University:

  • When using chemical for weed or pest control, be sure to carefully read the product safety label to understand the effects on humans, animals, and the environment.  Always follow product instructions correctly and carefully.
  • Be sure to keep children and animals clear of the application area, and protect your own skin, eyes, ears, and nose during and after the application.
  • Only use the recommended amount of the product by the manufacturer’s instruction.  Over-application will NOT improve the product’s performance.
  • Ask yourself if you really need to use an all-purpose general pesticide if there is a product that will treat only the specific problem you are experiencing.

Your friends at, LLC want you to have a safe a fun summer, so we’re here to protect you with Auto Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Business Insurance and just about anything else with the word “Insurance” in the title.  Please contact us for your free no-obligation quote today!

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