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Five Insurance Mistakes Consumers Make

In the current economic climate, consumers are looking at every aspect of their finances with an eye toward trimming costs. Cutting back on lattes, clipping coupons and do-it-yourself home repairs are all smart places to start (as long as you’re handy with a hammer), however most Insurance customers need a bit of education regarding pitfalls […]

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More States Weigh Digital Car Insurance Cards

reprinted from the NY Time blog “Bucks”by Ann Carrns. I was stopped a while back by a police officer because the registration sticker on my car’s license plate had expired. After digging my dog-eared insurance card out of my wallet, I realized that it was out of date, too. My policy was current, but I […]

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Holiday Safety Spotlight: Turkeys!

Turkey fryers Plans to fry your turkey this Thanksgiving? Please check out these tips to ensure you stay safe this holiday season. NFPA discourages the use of outdoor gas-fueled turkey fryers that immerse the turkey in hot oil. These turkey fryers use a substantial quantity of cooking oil at high temperatures, and units currently available […]

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When Non-Driving Factors Affect Auto Insurance Premiums

reprinted from the NY Times “Bucks” blog dated 9/27/12 By ANN CARRNS Automobile insurers may use factors unrelated to driving, like education and occupation, in determining rates.Now, a consumer group is urging state insurance commissioners to restrict insurers’ ability to use those factors, arguing that the result has been unfairly high rates for lower-income drivers. […]

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Did You Stop Paying Your Insurance Premium? How’s That Working Out For You?

This is a reprint from the Idaho Department of Insurance Website: Protecting An Investment What Consumers Need to Know About Lender-Placed Insurance Today, consumers use credit to purchase almost everything from appliances to cars. For smaller purchases, like a new TV or washing machine, most credit lenders do not insist that a consumer buy insurance […]

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