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Eight ‘danger zones’ of teen driving

reprinted from the following article: by Rima Himelstein, M.D. As a pediatrician and parent, I was encouraged to read some of the results of the 2011 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which indicate that our teens are driving more safely than they did a decade ago: Use of seatbelts increased from 74 percent to […]

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Surfing Facebook On The Job?

Reprinted with permission from Martin Johncox with Alexander and Associates, read the original article HERE. We often hear of business banning social media at work – prohibiting their employees from accessing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other sites. The assumption is that employees will waste time, reveal secrets or misrepresent the company. Some businesses, however, realize […]

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HB 540 – Who’s Afraid of Big Brother?

I hate to sound big-brotherish but we’re quite close to the Orwellian future in which governments can check to see if you are “compliant” with certain laws that cross over the boundary between personal freedom of choice and fiscal obligation.  Of course the most impending change is coming in 2014 with the implementation of the […]

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How can my Auto insurance go up? I have a clean record!

Some factors responsible for higher auto insurance rates have nothing to do with your driving record. Learn what affects your car insurance rates most. reprinted from the 7/20/09 article on Have you had your auto insurance rates increase even though you have a clean driving record? This is an extremely frustrating phenomenon, but it […]

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Understanding Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Reprinted from the Farmers Cares blog by Paul Quinn: Most of us driving down the road don’t really give our auto insurance much thought. We’ve spent time with an agent, or over the phone, discussing what is needed and even though the coverages were explained, we forget what the coverages really mean. And, like most […]

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