Homeowners Insurance Information & Quotes

There’s an ongoing discussion between mortgage companies and Insurance Agents about how a home should be properly insured. Your mortgage company thinks your policy’s “dwelling limit” (the cost to rebuild the home in the event of a total loss….like a fire) should be at least as much as the value of their loan. What they are forgetting is that the insurance company’s job is to make sure that your home is fully rebuilt and that all your personal property is adequately replaced, as well as the fact that we’ll need to move you to another residence and take care of your needs there for a period of time. Insurance carriers have a detailed database run by an “actuarial” company. The largest and most well-respected actuarial firm in the United States is “Marshall & Swift Boeckh”. It is their job to know what a six-penny nail costs in Poughkeepsie NY, and how much a journeyman plumber charges per hour in Fargo ND. Thus when your agent inputs information about your house into the program such as the year it was built, the square footage, whether you have 6-inch thick rough-hewn granite counter tops or entry-level laminated ones, it’s the Marshall & Swift data base’s job to know what the cost will be to rebuild that house from the ground up if and when it gets destroyed! In the end, it is not a matter of how much you paid for the house as market price fluctuates significantly as the US Economy changes from one year to the next. Your agent will make sure that the mortgage company is satisfied that their interests are protected in the property and more importantly make sure that you and your family are restored to their rightful place; in your house with your property replaced.


Your agent then becomes your consultant and the person who represents your best interests in finding that perfect combination of coverage for the price. That’s our job, and we maintain a strong list of America’s top rated carriers to fill that need. We’re confident about our coverage and pricing and are willing to craft a no-obligation quote for you to review alongside any other quotes you have received. Don’t let your mortgage lender tell you who to do business with, sit down and meet us in person and we’ll help you understand how you can have phenomenal rates and peace-of-mind too.

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